Fall is here!!!!

Fall is here!!!!

The beauty that is Fall!

Once the air starts to turn is cool and crisp, the trees start to change colors. We start to see beautiful shades yellow & red. Some trees seem to be on fire. But once all those beautiful leaves start to fall, well that’s when all the fun begins.

First we have to think about the yard. If you are like me, I just over seeded my yard and my grass is still growing. Although the leaves look pretty on the ground, they may be harming your new and existing grass. Now comes the task of racking and bag them up.   Don’t wait to do this till all the leaves are down, you harm your yard in the process. Besides keeping up with it once a week is a lot less work.

Then we have the fun task of cleaning the gutters.  You have two options here. You can either climb on your roof and clean the gutters out a couple of times a year or you could install a gutter helmet, I have the later. You can buy some black foam inserts from the big box stores, which I have found to be highly effective. Currently I have the gutter helmet as I had them installed with my new gutters.

So why is this important? Water is our enemy. If the gutters are full, the water will run over and could impact the foundation and or seep into the house. Also the water in the gutters could freeze and push ice up under the shingle damaging your roof and or causing possible leaks on the ceilings in the house.

So when looking to purchase a house with lots of trees and or trees near the house, remember the maintenance you will be doing yearly.

If you need more information and or tips on this topic, please feel free to reach out to me.

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