Welcome to my blog….

Welcome to my blog….

What to expect…..

This blog is going to be very different from most blogs as it will mainly pertain the housing market of the Springfield, Missouri Area. Although, there are things that impact us on national level, I wanted to focus on information and experiences that impact us here in the “Queen City”. I have a lot of experience selling older and newer homes ranging from the 1880’s to the present. However I do have a great passion for older homes and neighborhoods.

With that in mind, I hope you will find the blog informative and light hearted. I will give you sales data and housing trends that pertains to the Springfield Market.

First-time & experienced home buyers

I will be providing information that will be quite helpful to first-time home buyers pertaining to location, pricing, financing, restoration, etc. I will also be providing special searches and info on key neighborhoods to make it easier to find homes and learn about the area. Moreover, I will be providing information to existing homeowners to better understand how the market may have changed since they last purchased their home.


Since I am a local historian and home restorer, I will also be writing about some historical older houses in the area. I will also focus on different neighborhoods and their amenities and histories.

 Home Improvement

I will also be posting tips on how to maintain, improve, and or restore your home.We will also tackle what is involved in getting your house ready for the market. To help you out with different home projects, I will also recommend different trades – handyman, plumbers, electricians, etc. These will be the people and or companies that I have personally and or my clients have used with great success!

 Enjoying where you live!!!

For some light hearted fun, I will let you know what is new in Springfield  so that you can better enjoy all that the “Queen City ” has to offer (e.g. new restaurants and or old favorites, shops, parks, etc.).

For many people its the amenities that help them choose where to locate, not just the home.  With growth all over the city, there some many new places to see and  go to that were not here 20 years ago when I moved to Springfield. It’s an exciting time to be living in Springfield. The best is yet to come!

Well that is a little taste of things that you will be seeing on my real estate blog. I hope you will enjoy your time reading my posts and find them informative.  

So please stop by from time to time and see what is new.  I will post links on my realtor Facebook page as well,  you are more app to see updates quicker that way. I will tag my post and assign categories for easier searching. Of course, I have to include our dog Bella in here too! She may have a few tips to share to along the way ☺

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