Buying & Selling around Phelps Grove Park

Buying & Selling around Phelps Grove Park


To make it easier to find homes in specific areas of Springfield I have developed some searches for the more popular neighborhoods. To search in Phelps Grove Park Area.

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About the Phelps Grove Park Area

The Phelps Grove Park Neighborhood has a lot to offer; charming homes of all price points, close to MSU & Downtown Springfield, and one of the city’s finest parks. The 31-acre park plays hosts to many of the city’s charity running events. The park is rich with amenities; people go there to picnic, yoga,  play tennis, or use the walking and fitness trail, the park is well utilized by the surrounding neighborhoods on a daily basis.  The Springfield Art Museum is also located in the park.

Park amenities include:  wading pool, rose garden, 6 lighted tennis courts, 1 baseball field, xeriscape garden, picnic tables & grills, restrooms, horseshoes, drinking fountain, children’s & adolescents’ play equipment, open play area, physical fitness course, open shelters

Phelps Grove Park is steeped in history! The park & neighborhood is located on  land that was once owned by Governor John Phelps and his wife Mary.  John & Mary acquired the land in 1839 and built their farm there. By 1876, they had acquired 1000 acres around their farm. In 1892, Mina Feuerbacher acquired part of the land for $25,000 and sold it eight years later for $54,000 to Frances Xavier Heer, President of Heers Department Store.

F.X. Heer founded the Phelps Grove Park Company in 1910. The company contacted George Kessler who was known as the Fredrick Olmstead of the West to design Phelps Grove Park Subdivision in 1911. In 1912, the company hired the most successful promoter of real estate, William H. Johnson, to market and sell the new subdivision. Mr. Johnson was responsible for having the entryways and bridges built in the English style that he used when he built the English Village in Hollister, MO.

A group of citizens pushed to convert part of the subdivision into a park.  In 1914, the newly formed park board agreed, and Phelps Grove Park was born.  The park board hired Hare & Hare of Kansas City to design the park.

Only the lots on what is now Clay Avenue were sold and developed. The rest of the subdivision was re-plotted and called Phelps Park Terrace after WWII.

The Numbers ~ Homes Sold Recently

The numbers here are pulled from the GSBOR MLS 1/17/2016 – 1/17/ 2017 and 1/17/2017 – 1/17 2018 within the area of National ~Portland ~ Campbell ~ Grand.  The numbers only include the houses that chose to publish their sells price in the GSBOR MLS.  A couple of more homes sold  in 2017 over 2016.  However in 2016, 1 homes did not report their sales data and in 2017, 2 homes did not report. And of course any personal transactions are not available for use to value houses . Overall the market prices have been steadily increasing with a 20K bump in median home values comparing 2016 to 2017. See chart below

The Numbers ~ Finished Square Feet

Please remember these are averages. A house that you may be wanting to sell or buy may bring a higher or lower amount depending upon condition, location, and features. If you are from outside the area and or new to buying an older home,  please understand we do not price homes in Phelps Grove Park on a price per square foot bases. I know that the major real estate apps and other parts of the country focus on price per square foot, especially involving new homes. That method just does not work in the Phelps Grove Park Area. The average days on market are just that.  We have had homes go in one days and some take hundreds of days, it all depends on the price.

Next Step

So what should you do? Give me a call so I can develop a free marketing analysis with specific numbers for the house you wish to sell and or buy. Then I can help you determine what is the right price for the house. Just call 417-224-4573 and ask for Richard Crabtree to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!


















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