Richard was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood. Very efficient and helpful as well. If I ever decide to sell the house he will be my first phone call. You can tell he has had a lot of experience selling houses in this neighborhood. Andy


My wife and I were looking for a home in a few historic areas of town. We met Richard at an open house and were immediately attracted to his knowledge of the houses and history of the area. His listings, photographs, open houses, and flyers were great. It wasn’t hard to choose him as our realtor and he didn’t disappoint. He went above and beyond for us. He listened to us and guided us through some of the complicated and at times emotional ups and downs of the process. We pursued several homes before landing “the one”, he never lost enthusiasm or energy. My wife and I would watch listings closely, but there was no need because Richard was always on the look out for us. When it came to the contract, he negotiated for a lower price and repairs. We felt that he really put our needs first Issac


We were looking for a house in the Phelps Grove Neighborhood area. I went to an open house and met Richard. He is extremely knowledgeable about the homes in this area, and is a local historian. He worked with us for several months, showing us houses as they came on the market until we finally found a home we wanted to buy. He is a very qualified real estate professional Nancy


Richard made selling our house really easy! Very knowledgeable about the area. Richard was helpful during the negotiations. He is wonderful to work with!


Richard sold my house within one week of listing. He is a serious home seller and gets right down to business. He also sold my son’s house and my next door neighbor’s. My experience with Richard was top notch.


Rich was very helpful. He showed us as many houses as we needed to see to feel comfortable in our purchasing decision. His knowledge of the area was an added benefit, as it helped us understand the interesting historical context of our home (and other homes we toured).


I was a renter for 4 years before I finally decided to buy a house instead of wasting my money on rent that I will never get back. My brother-in-law Rich Crabtree helped me find a house. It is scary to be committed on a big investment. However, he educated me on pros and cons of owning a house vs. renting a small studio apartment. He found me a 2-bedroom/1-bath house that I now called home for 6 years. Despite his busy schedule with other clients, he found time to help me get settled in my house by helping me paint all rooms inside my house. I know he doesn’t do this favor for me because I am his sister-in-law. The fact is he also extends this favor to his clients. I don’t know any realtor who goes above and beyond the call of duty. He doesn’t just list your house or have you sign papers. Rich helped several clients’ houses that need painting done due to peeling paint so that it will pass any FHA inspection, mowed his client’s lawn while that person was out of town, or tidying up landscaping including pruning trees to make the house look presentable prior to getting it listed. He loves his job and the history that comes with the house. I’m proud to recommend him to other clients because I know he is a very reliable man. He is there 24/7 for his clients. Even after the sale transaction is done, clients, including myself, still call him for advice or help -From A Happy Client.


Rich went above and beyond to help get our house sold. I would recommend him to sell your house. When I told other people how Rich helped us they all said wow, they had never heard of a realtor putting in the effort that Rich did to help sell. David


Was incredibly helpful with first time home buying experience; he helped move all the steps along at a very quick speed. He was very knowledgeable about local history, and could tell the origin story about almost every neighborhood in springfield. Although I did ask him to walkthrough some really fixerupper houses, Rich likes older houses for their charm and uniqueness. By the end of it i agreed and am very happy with the home rich helped me buy.


When it’s time to sell our house because we have to move Rich helped us get our house ready to put in the market. We sold our house very quick with no problem. He’s very knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. 


I bought my home from Richard Crabtree in November 2013. He was the owner and the seller. He also found a buyer for my previous home. My experience for both were very good! Richard is really good at finding the perfect home for you. He is extremely knowledgeable of the area. He is not pushy and does point out things that you might not consider. He also has a very good eye for photography and can show the very best of a property you might be selling. I would recommend Richard for buying or selling your real estate. 


If you are selling or looking for a vintage home, Richard is your man. He helped sell my little 1923 craftsman bungalow in two days. He knows older homes and can put someone’s concerns at rest when buyers are unfamiliar with the needs of older homes. He goes above and beyond when it comes to being helpful and has an arsenal of resources if something needs to be repaired before selling. He even offered to help me caulk windows if a potential buyer was going FHA. We didn’t need to but he was there for me if it needed to happen. Two years later he is still a resource. “I’ve got a guy who can do that.” He’s a great guy and was great to work with!


Richard was exactly the right person to help us sell our home.His knowledge of historic properties was extremely helpful and our house sold within days of listing. He is a wonderful agent.


I was offered a job in Seattle and had to sell my 1925 bungalow quickly. Richard provided sound advice to get the house ready to show and even lent a hand to trim a tree in my front yard. He included a charming history of my home in the promotional materials. The house sold within the first week! Jennifer


Richard did an excellent job selling my historical home. He is very professional. I highly recommend him. He is especially knowledgeable with older homes. Jeanie


Richard (Rich) Crabtree is a one of a kind resource when it comes to all things that have to do with the home. I feel so lucky to have found him when I did. I had lived in apartments ever since graduating from College. One day I was driving around Springfield with my Mom and saw a super cute house for sale. Rich’s name was on the listing and she suggested I give him a call. He was able to meet us at the house in less than 30 minutes! He showed us around the home and told us everything about the history of the home and builder. He knew everything to the smallest detail. He wasn’t pushy and I appreciated him taking time out of his weekend to show us the house. The house was unfortunately too much for me to take care of. But after that viewing I had house fever. I really wanted to get out of my apartment and actually have space in a home I loved. He listened to what I liked and what I didn’t like. He filled me in on historical facts about the different areas and neighborhoods in Springfield. Over the next few months, he arranged several house viewings for me. I liked every single house that he showed me until finally he showed me THE ONE. I knew it from the moment that I saw it. I had never purchased a home before. So, on my own I wouldn’t have known where to start. He pointed me in all the right directions and gave me the exact connections that I needed to make that house mine. Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for a better process. Even after the closing, Rich kept in contact with me making sure things were going okay. And even now if I have ANY kind of question about my house or maintenance of any sort he can answer it or point me in the right direction. He is an invaluable resource in the Springfield Housing Market. He’s always researching the history of our Community as well as keeping up with the new housing trends. I fully recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He takes care of everything to the minute detail, so there will be no worries Audrey


As a first-time home buyer, Richard was absolutely fantastic for me to work with. He helped explain every step along the way, and took the guesswork out of the process. And his help didn’t end when the deal closed: He’s always been willing to answer any questions I have, and has recommend people to help fix issues when necessary. I would absolutely recommend Richard to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, especially those of a historic nature. The insight he brings to those properties — ones that require research to find out about their pasts — is invaluable and extremely interesting.


I can’t recommend Rich highly enough. He was very honest with me. He never tried to make me feel mislead and even pointed out flaws in houses instead of just trying to get me to hurry up and settle. I wouldn’t have even found my beautiful house with a different realtor because there was a mistake in the listing and we only found out because Rich caught it. I have recommended him to several people because I know they will be just as satisfied with him as I was. Not to mention that his knowledge of the area is quite impressive. 


Rich helped me buy a house in the Phelps Grove Park area. His knowledge of this area would be considered expert. He not only has lived near here but actively researches it’s history. But I later found out he would be considered an expert on most of the city of Springfield. His response time to my many questions was actually very impressive. Typically within the hour. In dealing with a FSBO, he was able to come up with a negotiation strategy that got me the house at the price I wanted to pay. He had a list of contacts to deal with whatever problem I encountered including providing alternate options for insurance companies to get quotes. I felt Rich was fully invested in the process of my buying a house, made himself available when I had questions that needed resolution or decisions that needed to be made and had responsive and reliable contractors that I could contact to get work done. I have bought a number of houses in my lifetime and I got outstanding service from Rich. I wouldn’t (and haven’t) hesitated to use him again. Jeanne


Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the houses that he shows. He was able to take the time to get to know what I was looking for in a home and was not only able to show me houses that I was interested in but also find homes that I had not considered. Richard is very personable and flexible and was willing to meet me at times that were convenient for me, and stayed in constant communication throughout every step of the process to ensure that I always knew what was going on and that all of my questions were answered. One of the great things about Richard is his knowledge of the Springfield area, and he was able to find out information about when the house was built, the original owners, and provided details to make my house feel alive which was something that I had never gotten with any previous realtor. Andy


Had a great experience with Rich. As a first time home owner I wasn’t familiar with the purchasing process. Rich did a great job making sure I knew everything from the initial showing all the way through closing Even months after the closing he was quick to help out with a frozen water pipe during a harsh winter. Overall great experience. 


Richard listed/sold my home as well as helped me find and buy my current home. His local knowledge and history of the Springfield area is unmatched and his work ethic and love for homes is very evident. Richard’s experience allows him to advise clients in the right direction with any decision and he goes above and beyond in trying to find the right home for the right person. I highly recommend Richard to anyone looking at buying/selling a home, especially if it is a historical home. 


We had a great experience. We knew the house we wanted to buy, contacted Richard, looked at it, bought it all within a week. Best part was between himself and a coworker they were able to bring a buyer for our old house. A one stop shop.


Richard has a very insightful approach to his service. Always timely, punctual and honest. Having purchased many properties over the years I can truly say that working with Richard was best experience we have had. Thank you Richard. 


Rich was a pleasure to work with! He listened to our needs and wants, and he worked very hard to find us a home that met both. He wasn’t satisfied until we were satisfied, and his knowledge of both the Springfield area and the types of houses available were a huge help in finding our home. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again if we needed to move, and we’ve recommended him to others. 


Richard Crabtree went above and beyond in the search for our new home, even though we could not look at fancy homes. He was very helpful, pointing out what repairs would need to be made and how to go about doing them….very much appreciated! That helped a lot, in that we became more confident that we could handle them. He is very good at explaining things and answering questions completely!


Richard is great and here’s a quick story about why. My Fiancé and I first met Richard on a whim when we followed signs for a home for sale in the Roundtree neighborhood just east of MSU. We walked in to this beautiful 1940’s era home with beautiful hardwood floors and there he sat next to the fireplace, legs crossed and wearing a Cardigan sweater that seemed to fit the home so well I almost wonder if he planned it that way. After our initial greetings and a bit of banter back and forth we knew he was the Real estate agent we were looking for. Over the course of about a week or so he showed us many homes in many of the beautiful old neighborhoods that Springfield has to offer. He even drove us around to a few parks and down a few scenic streets almost like a tour guide would just to give us a feel for whichever neighborhood we were in at the time.. Every neighborhood had it’s own distinct feel and history and Richard told us more than we ever needed to know but we loved it. When all was said and done it turns out that I’m writing this review sitting in the same room with the beautiful hardwood floors where my Fiancé and I first met Richard. I can also look over and see the lovely framed picture sitting on the mantle that he gave us as a housewarming gift. It is a picture of the Frisco train line from the era when this home was built…very fitting since the tracks run right along the east side of our 1/3 acre property. I recently spoke with Richard and plan on working with him to find a second home here in Springfield. If you want to find the right home you first have to find the right agent and I believe that agent is Richard Crabtree! 


Richard Crabtree found a qualified buyer for the property we had. He gave us sound advice of some things that would help our property to sell for the price we were expecting. Would recommend him to friends and family. 


Richard has helped me with the selling and buying of three houses. He has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure every question I had was answered and has even continued to be helpful with the remodeling process once the purchase was over. Richard is the FIRST person I reach out to when I know I need advice on working with an older home or when I am wanting historical information on the property. He is an important part of the Springfield community and continues to foster a sense of pride within its members. 


Richard has recently assisted me with the purchase of 2 homes and his service has been exceptional each time. Richard has extensive knowledge of the Springfield real estate market and has skillfully led me through the purchasing process. He is extremely responsive, regardless of the question or situation and I can always count on Richard’s help. If you are buying or selling a home in Springfield, I would highly recommend accessing Richard’s services.


Rich sold a rental for me last month, it went under contract in one day. I currently have another rental listed for sale with Rich. He is thorough and communicates well about progress.


Availability, dedication, knowledge, full service. Everyone wants to deliver on these things but Rich Crabtree takes it to a different level. Amber and I were looking for a very specific type of house in University Heights. Rich is not only intimately familiar with the neighborhoods in Springfield but he is probably one of the foremost resources on the history and architecture of this city. We had not only the joy of finding the house we wanted but the privilege of Rich connecting us with the heritage of our new neighborhood. The negotiations were a breeze and I honestly can’t recall any of the trepidation that you often hear about accompanying a home purchase. Beyond that, Rich is a wealth of information regarding home improvements and provided us with many a good tip or connection to make this house our own. To this day we are still in contact with Rich and he is my wife’s “go-to” when she’s kicking around the next idea. If you’re in the market just take my word for it….a call to Rich should absolutely be your first order of business.


Through the emotional, frustrating, and elating process of selling my sentimental old home and finding the perfect new one, Richard’s personalized touch and support changed him from hired realtor to great friend. He is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met with regard to the history of the area and he truly cares about people, not just as clients.


My husband and I met Rich at an open house in the neighborhood where we were renting. It was immediately apparent that he shared our love of old houses. We had spoken to Rich a few times about what we were looking for, but we were still in our lease. What we appreciated about Rich was that he listened to what we were looking for, and he didn’t waste our time showing us other things. He had lived in Springfield longer than we had and was very knowledgable about the neighborhoods we were interested in. We told Rich that we really wanted to be in the Rountree neighborhood, but we understood that our price range might limit us. We expected to get a house elsewhere and in a few years “buy up” to get into Rountree. ! I notified Rich near the end of our lease and within the week he told me there was something coming on the market that we might be interested in, in Rountree. We went to see it before it hit the market and loved it. Rich even helped us get the house ready to pass the FHA inspection. Rich works hard for his clients all through the house hunting and buying process. Even now I don’t hesitate to call Rich to get the name of his “tree guy” or a recommendation for a chimney repair company. We love our house and neighborhood, and even more than a year later, marvel that we got exactly the house we wanted, in the neighborhood we loved, all within our price range.


I just bought my first home last year. Rich Crabtree had come recommended to me by friends, and I am certainly glad I listened! Rich was completely dedicated to the task of finding me the home that I wanted. He answered all of my questions patiently, and there were a lot since I had never done this before. We looked at a lot of houses and several houses more than once. Rich always made the time to get me into a house I was interested in. One of things that I appreciated most was that I never felt like I was being “sold.” If I wasn’t happy, Rich wasn’t happy. That meant a lot. He really listened to what I wanted and was able to guide me to a quality home that I love. Rich went above and beyond in absolutely every way possible. The house I wanted was a short sale, which I had heard was notoriously difficult to deal with. Rich navigated the entire process in such a way that it was one of the easiest purchases I have ever made. He made sure that all of the little details were taken care of and I was able to relax throughout the process. I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Rich as a realtor and in fact, I’ve already told friends about him. When it comes time for me to sell my house and look for a new one, he’ll be the first person I call!


Using Rich as a realtor to find my second home was without a doubt a great experience. My previous experience purchasing a home was a very nerve racking and anxious process as a result of feeling uninformed and uneducated on the entire home buying process. This was not the case with Rich. Not only was he very helpful in explaining the entire decision making process, but I felt that he was a true advocate for my budget, my needs and me. There was no pressure to move quickly and I truly felt like he was just as concerned with finding my perfect home as I was. In addition, Rich is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with the homes in the local area, particularly the older historic homes in the neighborhood I wanted to live. His previous experience with not only buying and selling these homes, but also restoring and living in them himself was invaluable to helping me gauge which home was right for me. His enthusiasm for these older homes and is job as a whole was inspiring and resulted in me doing even more toward improving my new home than I ever anticipated. 


When we decided to sell our home, my husband and I were staying full time with our 2 year old daughter in a children’s hospital in St. Louis. We knew we needed to sell and purchase a single level home to accommodate our daughter’s health needs. We called Rich Crabtree, an expert in our Rountree neighborhood. He researched our home and put together a presentation that amazed each buyer. He sold our home quickly, and found us a new home in record time! The entire process was stress free, much done by fax from St. Louis. Rich is efficient, confident, and compassionate. He pays meticulous attention to detail. Rich is very passionate about finding the right home for each family. Our family would recommend Rich Crabtree for finding the right home for your family today! 


My husband and I bought our first house in the fall of 2010. We would not have been able to buy our dream home without the help of Richard Crabtree. We mean this quite literally. He is a very hard worker and showed us plenty of houses and listings before we finally settled on the original house we had been shown on day one. He was very knowledgeable on the correct paperwork to file and the exact loan type that would benefit us most as first-time homebuyers. Richard went above and beyond to help us buy our home he even helped us paint and fix windows so our 1936 home would pass inspection. Since Richard has renovated a number of his own houses he is a wealth of knowledge on DIY and sources for fixing your home. We now call Richard and his wife Lu our friends and still enjoy spending time with them! We would highly recommend Richard to anyone buying a home! 


Rich went absolutely above and beyond as our Realtor. When we began looking for our house we interviewed a number of potential Realtors; out of those we met with, we did not find anyone who compared to Rich. We initially asked him if he would be willing to provide us with the names of two or three past clients who would be willing to serve as references. Within a few hours he had emailed us a list of 10 names–and said he could get us more if we needed them! Every one that we called had positive things to say. When we began working with him, we were very picky clients. We were in no real need to buy and were not going to commit to anything unless it was “just right”. We were skeptical at first and thought we really might not find a house that met all of our criteria; but, Rich was confident that it was out there and it was just a matter of finding it. During the search process, Rich listened when we told him what we did and didn’t want. He developed a very good understanding of what we were looking for. He probably even had a better idea of what we wanted than we did. We were very busy with work and, although we still looked at quite a few houses, Rich made sure to respect our time and never took us to houses he didn’t believe we would sincerely be interested in. When Rich finally found the perfect house for us, it was pretty much everything we were looking for. It was exactly in our price range and had everything on our “must-have” list, everything on our “would like” list, and nothing from our “don’t want” list. We honestly did not expect to find such a house, and we can say with confidence that we would not have found it without Rich. He called us the very day this house went on the market and he said, “I think I found it.” He was right! When we decided to made an offer on the house, Rich expertly navigated us through the process of the offer, the inspection, and eventually the closing. However, Rich did not just work hard to find us a house and then disappear once he got paid. He helped us as much–if not more–after the closing. He was very invested (and excited!) to teach us about DIY home repairs. He actually came to our house and taught us how to rip up old carpet without damaging the underlying hardwood. He walked us through everything, pointed out things that needed repair, and gave suggestions for how we might arrange and decorate certain parts of the house. He even brought us a bound booklet of the history of our neighborhood and our home. It is a fun thing to share with guests and will be a great keepsake. In addition to his hard work and dedication to his clients, Rich’s biggest strength is his knowledge about homes and their histories. Rich is especially knowledgeable about older homes — especially in the Phelps Grove, Roundtree, and University Heights areas. He knows many people who live in these homes and he knows the history of many of them. If you are interested in these areas of town, Rich is probably the best person in town to work with. I can’t imagine anyone with the same knowledge base and sheer passion for these neighborhoods. Overall, we can’t imagine working with a better Realtor than Rich Crabtree, and we can unreservedly recommend him to any future home buyers. Sincerely, Carly Y. & Bogdan K.